JiP Software provides a wide range of effective, customized software solutions. In the past eight years we have worked with a number of Polish and international companies and have extensive experience in the development of small-sized to enterprise-wide applications.

We are headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. Most of the development is done on-site, and our software is currently working in many locations in Poland and the European Union. The policy of our company is to deliver high quality solutions and maintain customer satisfaction and an excellent client relationship throughout the life cycle of the product.

We have a thorough understanding of current and legacy operating systems, technologies and development tools. Although there is usually no one perfect software technology to solve all types of business problems, there is an optimal solution for a given project. The process of choosing the right combination of software technologies to provide this solution can be a challenging task, but it is essential for delivering the right product at the right time.

In many cases it is necessary or at least desirable to integrate a solution with existing systems. We have experience in integrating our projects with intranets, LDAP directories, Oracle/MS SQL databases, GIS and SAP R/3 systems. For efficient and flexible operation our applications are often cross platform/cross technology solutions and incorporate mobile devices next to traditional Windows/UNIX* or web based systems.

We believe that good communication and an intimate understanding of customer needs starts from day one through all phases of application development and continues after product deployment. This long term commitment is essential, yet just one step in delivering scalable and effective software solutions.

Our team of experienced software developers is guided by our company standards for planning, writing code and documentation. Yet they have the necessary freedom to integrate new ideas that maximize system usability.

The right software can greatly improve the efficiency of your business. We deliver cutting-edge software products within short time schedules at competitive prices to help you achieve this goal.

If you have any questions about our company, please contact us at: