Enterprises from wide range of industry need a highly organized, efficient database in their every day operations. Whether accessing customer data from remote sale points or processing large amounts of data at your company's home accounting department, the database technology and client application tool should be tailored to your company's particular needs and capabilities. After assessing these needs and establishing project goals applications can be delivered as a Desktop, Client/Server or Internet-based solution and can be designed on the most convenient platform such as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

A wide range of database technology is available for a limited charge or no charge at all. MySQL is a very common choice for many of websites today. Whenever a high degree of security is required, the PostgreSQL is chosen (provides database transaction) or its fine alternative - Open Source version of commercial Interbase technology. Of course, if an important factors are high availibility and large number of concurent connections - large industry standard databases are the perfect choice. We mostly work with MS SQL and ORACLE database management systems, but also have experience with Interbase, Sybase and DB2.

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